A mushroom business doesn't have to be Expensive.

A mushroom business doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. The key to success is an intimate understanding of the fungi as a living being -- one with its own character, needs and weaknesses. This is exactly the approach we take at the EkofungiSchool in Belgrade, Serbia. Rooted in both science and practice, we give you the firm knowledge base from which to grow your sustainable and profitable mushroom business.

Because mushrooms are grown indoors, managing inputs – including energy and water consumption – is very important for mushroom growers. Being smart about how they use and re-use materials is helpful from an environmental standpoint and as part of managing their overall business.

Technology is also playing a role in helping mushroom farmers decrease inputs and increase sustainability through energy use strategies, such as automated operations and new tools that help monitor and decrease inputs, including lights, moisture, and temperature. Mushroom farmers are also using technology to manage the process of filling/emptying mushroom beds and move product from farm to consumer.

Mushroom growers are ultimate recyclers, taking waste from other sectors of the agriculture industry and composting it into substrate, which is what mushroom farmers call the organic matter mushrooms grow in.


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