Our Story : How We Started

After working at Mahindra Satyam Computer Services for almost seven years, Procreate Techno Systems for 2 years one day Humera quit. It was the passion to start Doctor Mushroom Centre that made her quit her high paying Software job. She being from Doctor’s family and having seen her dad cultivate mushrooms always fascinated her.

How Mushrooms are grown scientifically right from spawn to cropping. Then the innovative recipes always added the flavour to how mushrooms can be added to one’s diet. Today, Humera Nausheen is the Co-founder and COO of Doctor Mushroom Centre, a startup that is into Food Processing and Mushroom cultivation. The only need to get Mushrooms in our daily diet through food processing to curb lifestyle diseases like diabetes, vitamin D deficiency etc motivated her. Food Processing being a new sector altogether had lot of challenges like procuring Manufacturing machines, Packaging and Logistics.

She was selected to do free PG in Entrepreneurship from renowned National Institute of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. Doctor Mushroom Centre is now Incubated and Funded by MANAGE at Hyderabad through Government Scheme called RAFTAAR. Humera are always is looking forward, whether it is introducing new innovative ideas, or developing brand and packaging to communicate and educate our customers on tasty ideas and recipes using the best quality mushrooms.

Humera Nausheen

Co-Founder and COO at Doctor Mushroom Centre


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