Mushroom Shaped Retail Outlets

Mushrooms are one of the most perishable categories in the produce department. To minimize shrink and maximize sales it’s important to know your consumer and offer the variety that matches the store demographics

Whether it be spreading the health message or introducing consumers to new varieties and preparations, opportunities abound for retailers to put the spotlight on mushrooms, just as the versatile fungi increasingly find their way to the center of the plate. There’s an increasing amount of consumers who are looking for plant-based diets; mushrooms are a very good option for them because of how much flavor and versatility they can provide, as well as the health aspect, of course

Marketing is getting the right product, to the right people, at the right price, at the right time and in the right way. Marketing of fresh mushrooms all over the world is not very organised . Producers make direct efforts to bring the produce to the super markets and ‘wholesale distributor’ element is mostly missing. However, trade in the processed (canned and dried) is sizeable and organised

Presenting Mushrooms Shaped Retail Outlets this will bring in more consumers and mushroom curious crowd there by creating an ecosystem of mushroom buyers and also cultivators


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