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The focus of Indian mushroom industry is predominantly on trade of the fresh produce rather than the real value-addition. Almost entire domestic trade is in the fresh form while most of the export is in the preserved form (canned or steeped). Current era is characterized by greater awareness about quality and, above all, with the demand for the readymade or ready-to-make food products. As mushrooms contain high moisture and are delicate in texture, these cannot be stored for more than 24 hours at the ambient conditions of the tropics. This leads to weight loss; veil opening, browning, liquefaction and microbial spoilage of the product making it unsaleable. Effective processing techniques will not only diminish the post harvest losses but also result in greater remuneration to the growers as well as processors. Value can be added to the mushrooms at various levels, right from grading to the readymade snacks or the main-course item. Improved and attractive packaging is another important but totally neglected area in mushrooms

Mushroom Biscuit Delicious and crunchy mushroom biscuits were prepared by using the button/oyster mushroom powder and various ingredients viz., maida, sugar, ghee (bakery fats), mushroom powder,coconut powder, backing soda, ammonium bicarbonate and milk.

Mushroom nuggets Nuggets are generally prepared out of „pulse‟ powder namely, black gram powder, soybean powder, urad dhal powder etc., and used in the preparation of vegetable curry in North India. The nuggets add taste as well as nutrients to the meal, since it is prepared from pulse powder.

Pickle Mushrooms for pickling are either blanched or fried in oil depending upon taste

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