Consulting of growers : Because of the fact that the margin between cost price and retail price gets smaller it is very important for a grower to get the maximum yield with the highest quality. The consultants of Doctor Mushrooms can offer advice to growers to achieve these goals.The frequency of the visits can vary from several times per week to once a month. This depends on the problems on the farm. We can help in changing growing schedules, changes in growing on different strains or develop more adequate harvesting methods

Consulting compost yards : Compost is the basis for growing. A good quality compost is a guarantee for a good yield and good quality mushrooms. Many factors are important in composting: quality of raw materials, recipe, homogeneity, logistics, the process of composting and hygiene.We can offer help in any of these areas.We can also offer hygiene checks, spore measurement or even a complete scan of the unit.

Economical and financial consulting : In these times a grower does not just grow mushrooms but have to get the maximum yield per m². This includes the maximum yield in money per meter. Therefore a grower manager needs to know all the details of the costprice so he can adjust the way of growing any time. We have the practical knowledge and all the right programs to help you analyze the costprice. We can set up your complete calculations and plans, which are also used for financing and refinancing farms. We can also do a complete financial scan of the farm and help you to set up plans for the future. This is most of the times including a periodical evaluation of your figures..

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