Doctor Mushrooms Centre Future Goals & Vision

Future plans of the project: with the success achieved by this project, the center is planning to setup a medium size mushroom cultivation & processing center, mushroom spawn production unit and training center, by involving the government and Para government organizations in this field to see that mushrooms are seen in the general vegetable markets, liked by everybody like any other vegetable. Thus achieving the goal of bringing the centuries old nature’s gift to the lime light in the world of polluted. Contaminated and adulterated atmosphere for the benefit of healthy environment, and save the people from hazards of modern civilization. The present trend in the population is that they are realizing the benefits of old and erstwhile civilization of human beings.

Free hands on training to physically handicapped people like deaf and dump and free consultation to setup their own mushroom cultivation centres to grow quality mushrooms and arrange for buyback their products. It is a social service to the physically handicapped persons which is wished by Dr. Amanullah Khan, who is the main brain behind this project. He has in mind to help such people. They easily get the required capital from the banks and they can easily market their product themselves availing free train, bus, transport facilities. It is a small scale project to them.

Planned to setup small dairy, small poultry & small organic vegetable farming in the same site for personal use, and for preparation of recipes. Their waste products are added to the mushroom organic compost to enrich its plant nutrition


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