Doctor Mushroom Cultivation Stages

1. Substrate used in for milky mushroom (calocybe indica) paddy straw. Paddy straw is stored at the entrance of the land in a shed covered with plastic sheet size 10’x24’. (erected saroo poles, frame bamboo sticks covered with plastic sheet & bamboo sticks)

2. Paddy straw cutting shed + cut straw storing place. Adjacent to the straw storing area shed size 10’x24’ in continuation (1). Mechanical and electrical (mechanical cutter regular two labours, and close not require for electrical cutter one labour is sufficient, requires electricity) Manual coppers requires many labours and chances of hand injuries to the labour) electric & manual choff cutters used 500kg paddy straw in one hour.

3. Cut paddy straw is strored in gunny bags. If the straw is wet it is semi-dried stored in gunny bags each bag size accommodates no. of kg per bag. Which can be soaked along with the straw in a GI barrels.

4. Soaking of the cut paddy straw in clean water one night before the day of bed preparation. Before soaking the straw is washed in running water to clean dirt, spores etc. Washing of cut straw: the straw which is cut and stored in a gunny bag is poured on a sieve frame size 4’x6’. While ranking a tool, washed spray of water. Water percolates at the bottom after washing. Then the washed paddy straw is packed tightly in a clean gunny bag and mouth closed with nylon wire + making a small loop of wire while tieing the end

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