Cool Decks to maintain Temperature Naturally

A common example would be earthen pots used in olden times and are still in vogue in rural areas, to store water. Places where mid-day temperatures go soaring high, you will be surprised to discover, when someone offers you a glass of water from an earthen clay pot, the water would be relatively much cooler, something you will not find if you drink from a plastic bottle or from tap water which is supplied via water tank kept on the roof of the building. The direct heat from the sun is absorbed by the container, transferring the heat to the stored water inside. Clay, as a substance, has an innate ability to restrict conduction..

Rice husk is an agricultural residue which accounts for 20% of the 649.7 million tons of rice produced annually worldwide1. The produced partially burnt husk from the milling plants when used as a fuel also contributes to pollution and efforts are being made to overcome this environmental issue by utilizing this material as a supplementary cementing material2. The chemical composition of rice husk is found to vary from one sample to another due to the differences in the type of paddy, crop year, climate and geographical conditions

The water absorption increase whit increase addition of rice husk because high porosity spacemans with evaporate of rice husk when burned. The addition of rice husk ash are 2% by weight show maximum of water absorption were 15.20 % because at composition their high maximum of density properties.

These bricks absorb water through pores, which uses the process of evaporative cooling, i.e., the addition of water vapour into the air, which causes a lowering of the temperature of the air. This process results in cool, moist air while utilising less energy than other cooling methods.


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