"Doctor Mushrooms - One Brand Recognition

Our Brand recognition comes from the ability of our consumer to recognise Doctor Mushrooms brand over other brands. In other words, it’s the ability of consumers to identify our product by its attributes and our vision like it clearly says " Perfect Body - Inside & Outside ". We feel our product should be recognised without even using it`s name if brand recognition is done right. The goal is to get potential customers to recognise the product instantly without requiring much effort.

Our brand’s value is directly connected to its presence in the memory of consumers. Quite simply, if a customer remembers Doctor Mushrooms brand, he or she is likely to buy it without any single thought. If they don’t remember it, they will buy the alternative which they are familiar with. Thus, for our brand, it is important to set itself in customers memory.

Neuromarketing at Doctor Mushrooms is a serious research area. Consumer decision making and response is a scientifically sound, interesting field in cognitive science. It is understood on the level of body and mind. This might involve looking at how familiar brand logos engage the memory systems in the brain, or examining whether the direction of eye gazes of people in ads affects how attention-grabbing they are. And finally testing whether the brain’s electrical activity varies when watching subtly different ads.



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