Doctor Mushrooms Corporate Centre Overview

In 2018, Humera Nausheen first turned her thoughts to finding new premises for her company Doctor Mushrooms Cetre which was her Dad`s idea initally when he started a long back. He had a dream. He envisaged a beautiful location, with attractive office space, its own R&D centre and a Spwan lab with in-house scientists to develop and maintain quality mushrooms spwan. A Cetre that would be a meeting place for people who want to work together and dare to share ideas. A Cetre that inspires people, binds them and invites them. Located where it all began, at Hyderabad, Telangana State.

In 2020, Humera’s dream had become a reality and The Doctor Mushrooms Corporate & Trainig Centre, designed by best Interior Designers in guidance from Mohammed Omar Khan, opened its doors i january 2020. It is the head office of Doctor Mushrooms and the base for sales, marketing and innovation, complete with office space, meeting rooms, a state-of-the-art Spwan lab a Conference area, Open Space for Ideas , a presentation area and a small demonstration of mushroom farm. More than an Institute it is a much needed corporate office at Ayaapa Central Building, Ayappa Society, Madhapur.

The Doctor Mushrooms Corporate Centre is the epicentre where new products are constantly created based on market and customer input; it is the space to co-create with customers on the future of mushrooms. This building is host to corporate events, and the happy faces of customers, suppliers and Doctor Mushrooms staff. It is more than an institute – it is a home to everyone in the world of innovation and food. And mushrooms, of course.


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