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highly qualified and competent Experts, Project managers, Equipment & Resources

Our dedicated team is specially selected to match the needs of Mushrooms cultivation and working with us to make the best of Mushroom foods. Our teams are able to focus on our Mushrooms farms specific temperature conditions allowing us to quickly make proper decisions on business works and what it needs.We always appoint a dedicated team manager. This appointee works with us to build a team with skills suitable to our needs.

we evaluate our employees regularly so we’re aware of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses. The total evaluation comprises employee and farm manager evaluations as well as an assessment interview. Based on what we learn, we then devise individual plans to refine the skills and qualifications of our staff.Staff training and professional development are dependent on the goals set forth by the evaluation. We provide an array of employee trainings that include mentoring, attending conferences and seminars.

all of our mushrooms are grown and packed in a totally controlled and fully automated indoor environment, while optimizing the ideal conditions present in their natural habitats. At the same time, it eliminates natural threats such as adverse weather and competitors allowing us to produce savory mushrooms year round!

Just like mushrooms we want to create a mycelial network between local mushroom farms where information is shared, so we can all grow together for the greater good of feeding our community healthy delicious mushrooms! It is our ultimate mission.


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