Our Mentor & Guide : DR. AMANULLAH KHAN

MBBS, MNAMS(Orthopedic), Diploma in Diabetology,Advance diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics, Advance diploma in Hospital Administration.

General physician, orthopedic surgeon, diabetologist & nutritionist served in government department from 1974 to 2007 for 33 years, retired as commissioner, APVVP. Served in state primary hospitals. Like, NIMS, OGH, GH, OMC & G.MC. was PD (STD) of regional teaching, training & research center for AP. Karnataka and MP, which is one of 5 centres in the country. P.D. of PPCT of HIV project in AP. And speed worker to get the laurel as FNGMH, nayapul. Central of excellency for PPCT program implemented in II centres of india by NACO new delhi. Served as district medical & health officer (chief medical officer) in 4 telangana districts namely adilabad, RR Dist (combined), kareen nagar & Khammam. He made his footsteps wherever he worked. In prestigious teaching institutions like NIMS, Osmania general hospital, Gandhi hospital, OMC & GMC

Achieved many outstanding works in developmental activities which are helpful to the suffering people. He is health care worker since 50 years. Achieved many outstanding activities in all the fields. Though he primarily an orthopedic surgeon & diabetologist he is an experienced general surgeon, gynecologist forensic medicine expert, plastic surgeon, dermatologist and STD HIV specialist, he is known as for his chemical accumin in diagnosis a illness of the patient and suggest necessary treatment with minimal expenditure. Master in IEC activity. If a patient visits him, the patient will be made to understand his/her problem. Its correct treatment etc. he won’t put the patient in dark about their illness, he is not commercial in practice. He conducted many training programs to the doctor, paramedical, nursing, lab tech., police, PPS of court and high couet staff. Devised many formats which are followed throughout the AP; both in government hospital and corporate & private hospitals. Given many suggestions on environment protection, greenery development and bio-conservation fields.

He is an active person in propagating awareness on mushroom during 1994-95. He did R&D activities in mushroom cultivation and processing activities. As hobby apart from his medical service and private practice. He set up “DOCTOR MUSHROOM CENTRE”. Cultivated good quality oyster mushroom, button mushrooms. He developed many indigenous techniques for cooling of mushroom shed. Presented model mushroom sheds with efficient cooling with indigenous methods to the keen audiences in jublee hall of public garden organized by the convener in mushroom conference by the eminent horticulture scientist from harsagetta and bhuvaneshwar. Produced quality mushroom spawn and produced best quality oyster mushrooms $ their spawn(seeds). Even the director of horticulture Mr. Ajay Kallen. IAS , used to refer the growers to obtain mushroom spawn from his “DOCTOR MUSHROOM CENTRE” Sri Ajay Kallen director of horticulture gave full support and encouragement to him. He gave many suggestions to the horticulture department in various activities of mushroom cultivation and processing technology. One day when the director issued newspaper announcement that a person with MSc(botany) & PhD are only eligible for mushroom spawn production. Next day he met the director of horticulture along with his qualification and experiences and eligibility to produce mushroom spawn and submitted the details; he landed my expertise in mushroom activities saying “doctor you know mushroom production processing technology much better than us (the horticulture department), the notices is not for you”. He literally pulled his hand and made to sit beside him and thrown the puncle of mu submission papers into dustbin without even opening the file. Such was the encouragement and appreciation given by the horticulture department AP.

He was given a dozen awards in mushroom cultivation, processed mushroom audits preparations during horticulture exhibitions conducted by the horticulture department of AP. Even senior scientists of rajendranagar agriculture university which were the judges for awarding the prizes in the horticulture exhibition told him “doctor sahib you would have been selected one of our judge team. But for the fact that you are one of the participant in the exhibition”. Such was the appreciation & encouragement given to him by the director & horticulture department. He participated in the awareness meeting of hoteliers & bank managers. He practically demonstrated the good smell of mushrooms to the gallery full of audiences in the silver jubilee hall of public garden nampally, by practicing dehydrating the mushroom on the, blowing its good smell by fanning the smell towards audience pedestal fan. It was an eye opener to the persons who hate the mushrooms. Exhibited mushroom sheds model and indigenous techniques in cultivation of good & bumper production of the mushrooms. The senior scientist of hasargetta mushroom training centre for south india, Dr. Tiwari who have 25 years experience in mushrooms appreciated the quality of mushroom spawn produced by him & similar the scientist of bhuvaneshwar.

One sardarji from himachal Pradesh met him to have tie up for dried mushrooms for in large quantity of about 6 refric tons of dried mushroom per month. So that he can export them to other countries. When he saw the sample of dried mushrooms. He surprised to see such good quality dried mushrooms. He told him that he don’t expect a little bit less than that quantity. Many of the agriculture qualified mushroom growers who were close to him used to take his dried mushrooms for demonstration and for conducting mushroom awareness classes. They told him that he can also conduct such awareness classes, but he was not interested in such awareness classes without proper schedule program of training. It may look like cheating innocent people who come with big hope of earning some livelihood by mushroom cultivation . many people failed in such ventures without proper training and support. He being a doctor in service and also busy practitioner, he did not to leave his profession for the sake of mushrooms. He only did RD activities.

During that period the mushrooms are under awareness stage it was difficult to convince the people about benefits of mushrooms. Many people were thinking that they are not eligible and poisonous, they grow in the dogs etc. the training program were also a less and not effective in the imial period. Though some of the people came forward there was not much encouragement business, and many faced loss in this business,

He faced many queries on the mushroom cultivation and its products. He has answers to thousands of their questions he in depth thought taking their queries. Seriously and mentally prepared to answer them from cultivation to marketing. He developed many indigenous techniques in mushrooms cultivation. Better quality of mushroom with simple indigenous methods so that a small farmer can also grow better mushrooms of same quality produced by sophisticated technology.

He develop many methods of marketing the mushrooms and prepared many recipes of the people’s choice from children to old age and recipes suitable for ill bedridden, and even unconscious patients. Mushrooms are helpful to all. He developed recipes suitable for everyone.

cooking is his happy. He is able to prepare non-veg, veg and any type of recipes. He never failed in any recipe preparation. Every recipe he prepared is appreciated by him. He is interested in cooking since his school days. Even today he prepares some veg and non-veg recipes and everyone who taste them appreciate the recipe. In one of the horticulture shows his mushroom biryani got 1st prize in rice preparation. It was relished by the honorable CM VIJAY bhaskar Reddy who emptied the bowl containing mushroom biryani on the spoy in exhibition and got 1st prize. The doctor mushroom pickles were sold like hot cake during the exhibition and was in great demand. He developed many recipes suitable for school going children and many snack recipes mushrooms

He recommended the training program to cultivate mushrooms by the poor people of the rural mob and tribes of under-developed districts, so that they can consume mushrooms which are nutrition and also earn some money by cultivating them. Government cab by back the product and their. Nutrients efficiency diseases and improve their economic conditions. As a chief medical officer (DM &HO) of adilabad district in 2013, he suggested to train the tribes of adilabad to grow mushroom for their consumption and also to earn money by buy back arrangement as a solution to improve their nutrition state and per capital income. The suggestion was well taken by the commisoner of tribes development and greatly appreciated and congratulated for giving good suggestion by him. In the meeting with all the districts officals he landed the good ideas of him the raman Krishna rao IAS was the district collector and magistrate of adilabad during that period. He praised the talents of the DM & HO in front of all the district officials and told the collector that his DM & HO very talented and genuine very good ideas. Such similar review meeting by the shri renuka choudry, the MP of their government from Khammam, she suggested to train the tribal woman of Khammam district in preparing pickles and to export to earn money. Was working as CMO(DR & HO) of khamman, he intervened and told that the priya pickles are famous and even in demand in other countries, in such situation, there won’t be demand for pickles prepared by the tribal, and he suggested that the tribal can be trained to prepare mushroom pickles which are in great demand in all the countries.the suggestion was very well taken up and she directed the collector MR. Rajendra Narendra Nimje IAS to note down and take necessary program as suggested. She was thinking that the suggestion came from joint director agriculture. Subsequently she surprised to hear from one of the newspaper reporter that the suggestion was from DM & HO (health department). Dr. Amanullah khan.

In the same review meeting while discussing about environmental protection , related activities, Dr. Amanullah khan DM & HO gave a suggestion to inmucate the habit of loving plant sand encourage plantation among young brains like school children to encopurage greenery development & plantation and deforestation works. He suggested from childhood to aduld if every student is encourage to plant at least one on his/her birthday every year in the school or residence or public place, the children develop affivity towards plant and take care of them, do not destroy the trees, there by environment will become pollution free fresh air and greenery. This suggestion was also greatly appreciated by the honorable MP and instructions given to the district collector Mr. R.N.nimje to issue orders to implement the program to education department as he suggested

He is in a habit of visiting the premises of any construction in details if he happens to pass along he prepares the plans of his own house and hospital. Has knowledge in mechanical electrical engineering works. If any equipment become spoiled, first he inspects it and tries to correct simple defects and call the expert if needed. Not only in respect of his domestic appliances, but also the method was followed by him in the medical & health department of district AP. While he was the commissioner, APVVP, he gave hands on training to all the persons who handle electric appliances of the hospitals. How to check the equipment for their non-function and rectify simple defects by themselves without calling company medicines or biomedical engineers of the department. To prepare training module, with videos & images of all medical equipment and conducted hands on training to all those persons handling them on their hospitals for 2 months at his office. It was an excellent solution to safe guard the costly medical equipment and cut down the repairs of the equipment. Otherwise the costly equipment get unused due to simple small defects causing much inconvenience and saved unnecessary expenses of maintaining. The equipment was well maintained with the primarily knowledge given in the training with back ground knowledge about the mushroom and was experienced acquired from R.D project of his own “DOCTOR MUSHROOM CENTRE” and with the knowledge of growing awareness of mushroom among the public he encourages his two twin children who are software engineers and unemployed to cultivate mushroom on commercial scale. He along with qualified horticulture scientist support he suggested them to take up this mushroom project. He will be a main person to support the project in all its stages for better production and marketing and achieve self-employment to generate income also promote mushroom consumption .

The present trend is a demand for mushroom in the market, but with less production and less cultivators. People are now realizing the benefits of organically grown vegetables, pulses, fruits and vegetables. Because they are realizing the harmful effects of pesticides, genetically mutation crops, hybrid crops and etc. Now the trend is towards organic farming mushroom growing in clean sterile environment without any pesticides without any chemical fertilizers and consisting of many health benefits are coming up in the market they can be considered not only as nutritive food but also has preventive health benefits . many times farmer fail in crop production due to loss of crop by natural calamities like draughts, no rain, hot climate conditions, diseases. Where as the mushroom are cultivate in man controlled conditions. Not depending upon nature. Do not require pesticides, fertilizers or any other chemicals. That are harmful to the human being. They grow in an agricultural waste products, grow well in man controlled conditions very hygienically and grow on simple substrate without fertilizers. They are called nature’s gift(hydrate) to the human beings.

1. From his childhood he is interested in study of plants. He used to maintain herbarium album during his school studies. Where ever he goes he used to carry the album and collects the interested plants, leaves, flowers & describe their botanical features. He studied botany during higher secondary course practically.

2. After joining PPC pre-professional course in medical college, the subjects were English, botany, advanced botany, zoology, chemistry, physics. Which are all non medical subjects. He studied the botany practically in details. And the nature of plants all type of plants algae, fungi etc.

3. During further studies, he studied microbiology, virology, fumgology, micro-biological techniques like, culture of fungus, bacteria, culture medium, sterilized techniques, antiseptic technique andrelated activities.

4. As a doctor, surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, with vast experience of surgical techniques known all about sterility, pasteurization, auto clauing, chemical sterilization, various methods of sterilization, antiseptic and antiseptic techniques. He is the person who operate on the patient without any infection, is better than any other scientist who only handles the plant tissue. He with this background knowledge incorporated all the techniques of a surgeon and operation theatre technique, in the field of mushroom cultivation. He is able to grow mushrooms and perform tissue culture more efficiently when compared to other scientist.

5. As he is interested in cooking and practically preponed many mouth-watering recipes, he knows how to handle these mushroom for the people choice. He know what type of recipes are suitable to which type of people or patient. He can prepare the recipes suitable to all types of people and types of recipes suitable to patients of various diseases

6. As qualified as diabetologist and nutritionist, he knows how to formulate the recipes suitable to people suffering from DM, HTN, heart disease, cancer patients with less of immunity, chronic constipation and obesity. Knows how to prepare recipes for pregnant women, malnourished children, etc.

7. As a diabetologist specialist any nutritionist he can easily convince the benefits of mushroom consumption. He can encourage the doctors community to prescribe mushroom in their diet and also formulate some mushroom recipes suitable to DM, HTN, and unconscious patients and encourage doctors to prescribe them by stocking these products in medical stores to the hospitals

8. As a senior doctor & retired commissioner M & H who aquitance with many sections of society, doctors, engineers, police, military, civil services and politician. He can easily market among these sections. Marketing of mushrooms is easy among the educate people. He can catch the canteens of these section of people

9. With the experience and wide knowledge in the field of mushroom he can guide the people who cultivate mushrooms, better he fill guide in setting up of mushroom project to marketing of mushrooms in each every step.

10. He is having well equipped sterile operation theatre complete in his HUMAN TOUCH HOSPITAL at rajendranagar. He is easier for him to prepare spawn with good success, no need of any agriculture specialist in this aspect.

11. He also proposes to engage one senior agriculture/horticulture scientist to back up in case of any guidance or doubts regarding the process. He proposes to re-guest such scientists in government setup to guide and supervise the project on honoranium with constant supervision and guidance by the person experienced in mushroom production, processing and marketing procedure, one can easily make the project successful and increase the awareness and consumption of mushrooms by the people. He becomes role model in promoting mushrooms was an organics, non-dangerous, healthy nutrient vegetable in the population.


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