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How To Enter: A Step-By-Step Instructions

Doctor Mushrooms Corporate is excited to announce that the search for three industry leading marketing talents to represent our products and promotions all over India. By adding a unique spin to the compelling selectio format, The Next Brand Ambassador is set to bring a new level of must-watch insight into the world of becoming a relevant influencer that truly adds value, as well as building our brand.

We are not judging anyone but really want someone who can lead the Adverts , Hoarding and Speak to millions of our amazig product line, We want an Ifulencer someone who fits the spot right away.

-- Mohammed Omar Khan
  • Using your phone, film a video of yourself talking to camera
  • Maximum length: 1 minute (non-negotiable)
  • Introduce yourself, giving your name
  • Share any unique/hidden talents, unusual skills or hobbies with the focus on what makes you different
  • Pitch why you should be The Next Brand Ambassador
  • WhatsApp your video +91-7675-986-808 at the same time as you send your portfolio , social links; have both ready to send directly one after one another
  • Wait to hear if you are selected as one of the regional finalists.

you can also email us with full details and video at


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