Mushrooms Contamination

There are several reasons why they can be contaminated, the most important being that we grow them artificially. This means that in nature there is a balance between bacteria, fungi and other organisms and microorganisms, but to produce mushrooms indoors it is necessary to prepare the environment, which causes biological imbalance and possible infections.Contamination can come through the air, water, tools used, our clothes, etc. Any external agent entering the culture medium can be a threat, so an adequate disinfection and sterilization is critical. Hygiene and care when handling mushroom bread is crucial, as well as keeping it away from pets and other contaminating vectors.

If you have several tuppers or culture vessels in the same space infection can go from one to the other. If you have doubts that one of them may be contaminated, the best thing to do is to remove it carefully as soon as possible, so that it does not spread to others. If you are not sure about a possible contamination in the culture medium of the mushrooms, you can send us a picture, we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Cobweb is another fungus that often destroys crops, firstly because it is not easy to identify if you are not experienced, but also because of how quickly it spreads. It is similar to mycelium, although greyer in colour, hence the difficulty in appreciating it by new users in the production of mushrooms for self-consumption. It forms thinner filaments than the mycelium and can spread throughout the substrate in one or two days. It usually appears in crops with excessively high relative humidity, but can also develop due to poor ventilation.


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