Home Grow Kits

For kits that are grown indoors, choose a location that is relatively warm with indirect sunlight, out of the reach of children and pets. Ideal indoor temperatures for mushroom growth are typically between 65 and 70°F.Keep in mind that fungi will grow very slowly or may not spawn in locations that are consistently below 60°F, and specific moisture requirements depend on the species. Package instructions will indicate the needs of the varieties that you select.

This kit is wonderful because, unlike most of the others, it is meant to be grown as a perennial crop, and will continue to produce year after year if the appropriate conditions are provided. It includes a bag of hearty inoculated mushroom spawn, and a complete set of growing instructions.The package includes soil as a growing medium, pearl oyster fungal spawn that’s ready to be mixed into the soil, and a mister for simple watering. It even includes a package of organic tomato seeds to plant in your kit once it is finished growing and you are ready to compost it

A crop of 1-2 servings from each of two harvests will provide you with delectable oyster mushrooms to enjoy. First and second crops are guaranteed, and many home growers have had success getting third, fourth, or even fifth harvests with this kit.Plus, if your spores don’t produce successfully, you can get in touch with us for a full replacement kit.


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