Urban Mushrooms Cultivation on Terrace Gardens

Terrace Farming – an Indigenous Business Model

Terrace gardening is all about using unused space to grow Mushrooms in a Specialized Unit.

State of the Art Terrace Cultivation Unit

Mushrooms are best grown indoors where the temperature and light conditions can be more readily managed. Learning how to grow mushrooms indoors is a matter of managing their growing conditions carefully

Ventilation is essential for mushroom growing, and it is also necessary to control humidity and temperature. Moisture can be added to the air by a cold mist or by live steam, or simply by wetting the walls and floors

Mushrooms grow without sunlight in indoor spaces created by our teams on your terrace . They are also very easy to operate and score very high on cultivation scale.

U’ve been wanting to try growing mushrooms for some time. People who LOVE mushrooms and buy them from the supermarket every week, keen to find a way to produce them at home to reduce waste and potentially cost as well.

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