Mushroom Cultivation - Women Entrepreneurship

Training courses aim at enhancing adoption and diffusion of innovations. Some of the outcomes envisaged for any training programme were gain in knowledge, gain in skill acquired and ultimately in more adoption and integration among farming community. An important indicator of the impact of training programme is the extent, to which they have adopted the package of practice of mushroom cultivation technology

Mushroom substrate can be prepared from any clean agricultural waste material, and mushrooms can be produced in temporary clean shelters. They can be cultivated on a part-time basis, and require little maintenance. Mushroom cultivation activities can play an important role in supporting the local economy by contributing to subsistence food security, nutrition,Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry and medicine; generating additional employment and income through local, regional and national trade; and offering opportunities for processing enterprises such as pickling and drying

Even though female entrepreneurship and the formation of female-owned business networks is steadily rising, there are a number of challenges and obstacles that female entrepreneurs face. One major challenge for female entrepreneurs face traditional gender-roles that are structurally internalized by society. Entrepreneurship is still considered as a male-dominated field, and it may be difficult to surpass these conventional views. Other than dealing with the dominant stereotype, female entrepreneurs are facing several obstacles related to their businesses.

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