Indian Army Skill & Entrepreneurship Development

A Prospective Retiree acquires an aspiration linked skill, is suitably placed in a job on retirement,Thus harnessing his inherent potential in nation building & empoweringhim to lead a dignified lifeas a veteran

The Empowerment programme for Prospective Retirees Mushroom cultivation is increasingly becoming popular because it not only meets the dietary requirements but also adds to the income, especially of growers with insufficient land. It is considered to be a very rewarding and fascinating hobby for the retired persons as well as house-wives who can grow mushrooms in small boxes or other containers while attending to household chores. Today, mushroom cultivation faces less difficulties provided the grower will follow simple rules of growing. Mushroom cultivation is carried out indoor in any room, shed, basement, garage, etc. which should be well ventilated. However, paddy straw mushroom can be grown outside in shady places also and enriched its potential in now a days growing market.

This course is aimed at those who would like to work in the industry, those who would like to set up their own commercial mushroom farm or those who would like to grow mushrooms for their own pleasure. Be supported in your studies by a qualified and experienced trainer well versed in this field. Learn mushroom growing from making compost through to harvesting your produce

There is a continuous process of reviewing the initiative to improve and better serve the target population. The initial fillipto the Skilling Initiative was through integral resources of the organisation at various regimental centres. With no resources at these establishments authorised for the purpose, in fact led to multitasking available manpower and related assets. It was then decided that it is essential for the Centres to remain focussed on their primary tasks of recruit training, in-service training and for retiring troops.

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