Agricultural Wastes- Potential Substrates For Cultivation

Agricultural wastes disposal is of primary concern in today’s world as they are rich in nutrient and their disposal without pretreatment can cause leaching in field, which can cause environment pollution. To overcome this problem, mushroom cultivation on these agricultural wastes is the most ecofriendly method to reduce the level of nutrients at acceptable range to be used as manure.

Agricultural wastes are rich in lignincellulosic components which are difficult to breakdown, but can effectively be done mushroom cultivation. Mushrooms are fleshly fungi, sporebearing fruiting bodies which are produced above ground on soil. They often refer to fruiting body of the gill fungi, which do not contain chlorophyll like green plants and as a result cannot manufacture food by their own. They are very nutritious products that can be generated from lignocellulosic waste materials. The bioconversion of agricultural wastes into a value added products is a good mean of their use .

An agricultural waste provides the opportunity for cost effective farming. Even after being used for mushroom cultivation, it can be used later on as manure for agricultural field as now the nutrient contents are at acceptable range. Cultivation of mushroom on these residual wastes is one of the most eco-friendly practices to fight the malnutrition and environmental pollution caused by these wastes. Various researches is still going on to exploit the potential of agricultural wastes either by using them in combination or by giving them pretreatment.

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