Healthy Living Workshops & Useful Webinars

Although it is a great membership benefit to have in-person events, with the busy world that we live in, it is not always realistic to do everything in person. A great initiative by us to offer webinar to members who cannot travel, even live sessions are conducted so that everyone can benefot from the comfort of their homes. Our webinars are great for providing information and replacing an in-person meeting. The key to creating a quality webinar is what we feel is of prime importance . Our members will want to tune in to mushrooms products that they find interesting or that gives a new perspective that they do not know much about.

Every Saturday Doctor Mushrooms Academy holds a mushroom cultivation workshop. Our mission is to educate and inspire an crew of budding shroomers in the art of cultivating their own Mushrooms.You don’t need any prior knowledge to attend, just a desire to know more about Mushrooms and start your own mushroom Cultivation


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